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              Products Introduction

              Company Vision

              Facing the future, NBPM will continue to be guided by enterprise culture, take "cooperation,
              win-win and joint prosperity" as the purport, stick to turn into the motor magnetic steel,
              specialist of domestic leading and international first-class, and return back your support with the top-ranking equipment, products and service in a better way.

              About Us

              · Established in 1997, the company covers 60000m2

              · Produces 5000 tons of middle and high-end NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) permanent magnet material annually

              · Specializes in producing series products with high magnetic energy product, high coercivity, low reversible temperature coefficient and low weightlessness

              · Utilizes the technology of low heavy rare earth, reduces or without using heavy rare earth Dy, Tb

              · Advanced production line of sintering NdFeB in the world: vacuum quick-coagulating furnace, continuous vacuum sintering furnace, full-automatic molding press, full-automatic electroplating production line, etc

              · Being as the national high-tech enterprise, it builds up provincial-level engineering R&D center

              · Products have been widely applied in wind power generation motor, industrial motor, automobile motor, compressor motor, consumer electronics motor, elevator motor, household appliances motor, sensor and other fields

              Learn More
              • 100% automatic full-inspection, personal error is reduced, realizes zero-defect before shipment

              • Precise detection, the accuracy doubles than that of manual gauss meter

              • Customizes individualized brand as per customers’ needs, reduces procurement cost for users

              • ESPEC magnetic-steel drying oven from Japan, realizes timing auto off

              • Partial products are discharged, magnetized and sorted automatically

              • State-of-the-art automatic magnetic declination detecting instrument in the world, 100% full-inspection

              • Analyzes and detects data automatically and finds rules ahead of controlling molding and sintering stage

              • R&D equipment by itself in line with customer’s assembly characteristics

              • Possesses perfect qualification of system certification


              Organization Chart